Hello & Happy Thanksgiving!


  Thanksgiving is the a perfect time to thank all of you for helping me help the horses. 


 When I started doing saddles, I was not looking for something else to do and sales was definitely not at all my thing. My plate was already more than full.  But, when I learned how much difference a saddle could make in a horse's life, it consumed me.  Saddle fitting literally took over my life.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this is what God wanted me to do.  You can read the rest of that story here if you want.


  My goal was always to teach, to spread the word about proper saddle fit & how it affects our horse's behavior, performance & ultimately the health of horse & rider.  But as soon as a rider learns about their saddle, the next question is where do I find a saddle that fits?  It is like finding a needle in a hay stack unless the saddle is adjustable.  So research & development has led me to the manufacturers I work with now, each with their own unique system for adjusting the saddle to keep our horses comfortable.  


Specialized Saddles-known world wide for light weight & comfortable endurance & trail saddles featuring their patented 3-D fit system that allow the saddle to be adjusted in the width, angle & arc.

TW Saddlery Saddles- are Specialized Saddles with horns & feature the same patented 3-D fit system for the western rider.

Peter Horobin Stridefree Saddles-known for dressage, jump & now also trail.  These saddles feature the StrideFree english tree & wool flocked panels which can be adjusted in the width & angle endlessly by a PHS fitter.  

DP Saddlery LP-known for their patented continously adjustable gullet system that allows riders to adjust their own saddle within a fraction of an inch with an allen wrench.  


  I couldn't do it without the great saddle manufacturers that make the saddles for me to adjust for each horse & rider's comfort.  Thank you to them.


  I couldn't do it without the love & support of my wonderful Husband.  He is always behind the scenes with the truck & trailer maintenance, last minute barn chores when I don't get home in time and the endless empathy.  Big thank you to him.


  I couldn't do it without you, the horse owners that want to learn & help their horses & share the word to help other horses.  Thank you for your support & especially your referrals.  A referral is the greatest compliment & I truly appreciate each & every one.


  Last but of course not least I couldn't do it without God.  I thank him every day for opening the doors I am supposed to go through, for safe travels & for my good health & strength to keep it up. 


  Here is a review from the last newsletter in case you missed it.

Did you know that your saddle should be checked every 6-8 months?

  The text book says that the saddle should be refitted by a fitter every 12 months.  But in the past 11 years of fitting saddles, I have seen some saddle fit go horribly wrong in a year so, I recommend doing it at 6 months.  finish reading that here if you want  


Limiting travel to new barns

 I am still going to everyone I ever went to.  I am just not going to any new barns over 75 miles away.  As always, everyone is welcome to come here or meet me at one of the barns I already go to. 


  From the east, we can meet at Roane State in Harriman, TN.  From the south east we can meet at Jessie's Run Arean in Harrison, TN.  A lot of riders come into town for fitting & then camp in Jamestown to ride in Big South Fork or East Fork. Let me know when you are coming.  


  In Alabama, I meet riders at Oak Mt. Park & a couple of private barns near Huntsville.

  Next trip to Oak Mt. Park is January 30-31, 2023  Let me know if you want to be on the list.

  Next trip to River Rock Stables near Huntsville is Feb. 1, 2023.  Let me know if you want to be on the list.

  Planning a trip to College Grove area in December, let me know if you want to be on the list.


Specialized & TW Virtual Fittings 

  I had to put a stop on new virtual fittings as well. There just aren't enough hours in the day.  No worries though, if I started doing yours, I will always help you.  I just can't take on any new virtual fitting.  I don't want to ever be too busy to help my clients.  Even though I wish I could help all the horses all over the world.


  As always, thank you for reading the enewsletter especially on the day that you probably got 400 emails.  I sincerly appreciate you helping me help the horses.  I hope you have a happy, healthy & blessed holiday season.



Terry, Fit Right Saddle Solutions

"Spreading the word about proper saddle fit and how it affects our horse's behavior, performance and ultimately the health of horse & rider."