proudly represents Specialized Saddles
the super lightweight, extremely comfortable saddles with adjustable fit.
Specialized Saddles are handmade with genuine leather in the USA

  Specialized Saddles feature a patented 3-D Fit system allowing easy adjustment to achieve the best fit possible for your horse.  Through a system of cushions and shims the saddle tree width, arch and angle can be independently adjusted.  The adjustment can be easily changed as your horse changes or if you need to change horses. This is critical since horses change due to age, training, seasons, injuries, nutrition and other real life happenings. If you buy a saddle that fits really well today and cannot be adjusted, chances are it will not fit in a year from now and you will be saddle shopping again.  Depending on the age and training level of your horse, the saddle fit should be thoroughly evaluated no less than 1-2 times per year.  Specialized saddles can adapt to the changes with minimal cost compared to purchasing additional saddles.

 Specialized Saddles come with several different size, color, tooling, fender and skirt options. Occasionally the "right" saddle is already in stock. Usually we order saddles customized for each horse and rider.  Saddle orders usually take between 1 and 3 months.   Specialized also makes western saddles under the name TW Saddlery.


 Specialized Saddles come in several different sizes, colors, tooling options, fender choices and skirt options.   Occasionally the "right" saddle is already in our inventory but, usually we need to order a saddle customized for you and your horse.   Saddle orders usually take between 1 and 3 months.  Sign up for a saddle fit evaluation/consultation to discover the difference.   

  There is a fee for the first appointment just to cover expenses, but if a saddle is purchased the first fitting and your first recheck are all included in the first $149 appointment fee.  


  Terry Peiper and David Kaden, founder of Specialized Saddles 
  Terry Peiper, Fit Right Saddle Solutions is an Independent Representative of Specialized Saddles/TW Saddlery based in Crossville, Tennessee