Before moving to TN in 2017, Terry Peiper had been "Helping Horses With Their People" in MD and PA for over 35 years by training horses and riders.  In addition to being an accredited Richard Shrake Resistance Free ® Trainer/Instructor, she was certified by the American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA) and the International Society of Rider Biomechanics. She has more than 50 years horse showing experience in several different disciplines, as well as several years of fox hunting and open show judging experience. 

  Studying saddle ergonomics started out as just another way for Terry to help her students however, it quickly took over her life when she discovered that her own horse, Easy had a condition called kissing spines which was likely caused by many years of riding in poor fitting saddles. “I can’t go back and undo what I have done but I can spread the word about proper saddle fit to prevent other horses from needless suffering” says Terry.

  Recognizing the huge need for proper saddle fit, Terry joined the Saddlefit 4 Life professionals and in 2011 started FIT RIGHT SADDLE SOLUTIONS. She passionately pursues her mission to educate as many riders as possible of the importance of proper saddle fit, how it affects the horse’s performance, behavior and ultimately the health of horse and rider.   

  But when Terry began spreading the word about proper saddle fit and evaluating saddles for her students, the same question kept coming up, "Where do I get a saddle that fits?"  For most riders, finding a saddle off the rack that fits is very frustrating, expensive, time consuming and sometimes even impossible.  Terry says "that's why I do what I do." And since horses change (a saddle that fits today is not likely to fit in 6 -12 months) the logical solution is an adjustable saddle.  
   Terry works with all types of saddles but she prefers an adjustable saddle.  The saddles she carries are adjustable in the width, angle & arc, so that when the saddle no longer fits, it is not a problem.   She can adjust them onsite to fit the horse or another horse again and again.


  In the 1970's, Terry was known as Terry Kahanovitz.  In her early years she showed in 4-H and Pony Club.  Then when Terry's parents began to breed Appaloosa sport horses she traveled with them showing Appaloosas at regional, national and world show levels.  Her first after school job was training horses and students at Gettysburg College.  For many years after high school, Terry barrel raced in the summer and fox hunted in the winter with Stoney and Duce.

  She judged open shows for over 10 years.  And she showed at the prestigious Upperville, Washington International and Pennsylvania National Horse Shows in hand and under saddle, astride and aside. 

  After more than 20 years barrel racing, Terry realized that she was more in love with the process of building the horse up mentally and physically than she was into competing.  This is what started her love for classical dressage and led her to the sport she enjoys now, Working Equitation. 

  You could say she has been there and done that.