Peter Horobin's innovative StrideFree ® tree design started in the racing industry and then he successfully incorporated his design into dressage, jumping, trail and endurance saddles. The saddles are a wonderful blend of Aussie innovation, technology, artistry and a passion for a saddle that allows maximum comfort and freedom for the horse while perfectly balancing the rider in a secure, comfortable and correct position. 


The reasons why I love the Peter Horobin saddles:

  • #1 The horses love these saddles.
  • They are beautiful quality adjustable saddles. 
  • They are a family business that genuinely care about horses, their clients and their Reps.   
  • Their patented lifetime warranty Stridefree tree allows me to endlessly adjust your saddle so it continues to fit as your horse develops.

Peter Horobin Saddlery offers many different models.  Here are just a few.

The PHS Advantage

  • Saddles are designed to be adjusted on site by a qualified PHS Saddle Fitter.  Whether you are adjusting a gullet plate with a tree machine or reflocking the panels, there is no need to send your saddle away.  
  • Natural wool flocked panels that mold to the shape of the horse  The wool can easily be removed and repacked onsite to create the right fit for your horse. 
  • Shorter panels are available for short back horses to ensure the saddle doesn't sit past the last rib.
  • Various options in girth positioning to suit various shapes of horses and saddle positioning.  
  • Shoulder relief panels allow maxium comfort and shoulder freedom.
  • Generous channel width for spinal clearance.
  • The lifetime warranty Stridefree Tree allows complete freedom in the shoulder area and is designed to protect the horse from damaging tree points. 
  • Narrow twists and extended stirrup bar options for rider's comfort and balance.
  • Various seat, knee block and flap options for each individual rider's comfort.

 To have your current saddle evaluated and/or to demo one or more of our Peter Horobin Saddles go to our online registration form. The $169 fee covers your first appointment, the set up and delivery of your saddle and the first refit for that horse in 3-6 months. Occasionally the right saddle is already in our inventory but usually we need to order a saddle customized especially for you and your horse.  New saddle orders usually take 3-4 months.  All saddles have a 10 day trial period.     



  Terry Peiper, Fit Right Saddle Solutions is an Independent Saddle Fitter representing Peter Horobin Saddlery in Crossville, Tennessee