Understanding Basic Saddle Fit
  • Understanding Basic Saddle Fit
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This class is for riders, trainers, bodyworkers and everyone that puts a saddle on a horse. Any discipline. Gain a better understanding of the horse's anatomy and the saddle support area and how the saddle is supposed to fit to prevent painful long term damage. 470 Copperhead Lane Crossville, TN Nov. 13, 2021 9am-4pm

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Basic Saddle Fit Class

For all riders in all disciplines, trainers, instructors, body workers and actually anyone that puts a saddle on a horse - come join us for some basic saddle fitting principles and help me spread the word about how saddle fit affects our horse's behavior performance and ultimately the health of horse & rider. 

The first half of the class is a presentation - Equine Anatomy relative to saddle fit.  In order to gain a better understanding of how a saddle needs to fit, first we need to understand why.  The morning session also includes a discussion on the problems saddle fit can cause and the basic points to check static fit.  The afternoon session is spent in the barn with our horses and the saddles participants bring, evaluating saddle fit. 

  • Do you have a odd shaped horse that is difficult to fit?
  • Are you tired of buying and selling saddles?
  • Are you confused about what to buy?
  • Are you sure that your saddle is not causing soundness issues, need for chiropractic or poor performance?
  • Do you want to be sure that your saddle does not do long term permanent damage to your horse?

My goal for the class is that you:

  • Gain a better understanding of equine anatomy relative to saddle fit
  • Gain hands on experience evaluating saddle fit
  • Find out when a saddle pad can help and when it hurts
  • Understand what sweat patterns mean and don't mean
  • Learn to recognize the signs of a poor saddle fit & the damage they cause
  • Discover how the saddle affects the rider's position 

Please bring a few saddles.  (no horses)   This is strictly an educational and interactive class to help riders recognize good and bad saddle fit.  This class is not a sales presentation.  Class fee $125

For classes at our farm in Crossville these HOTELS are close by

Comfort Suites    2581 E. First St. Crossville TN  38555    855-267-8027

Holiday Inn Express   560 Peavine Rd  Crossville TN  38571   844-212-9180

Hampton Inn    64 Hospitality Dr. Crossville TN   38555     866-238-4218