At your saddle fit evaluation/consultation, you will learn why your saddle fits or why it doesn't fit and what if anything can be done about it.  

  Any type of saddle can be evaluated.

  You may already have the right saddle, pad and girth and just not sure which combination is the best to use. 


  Your saddle fit might be able to be improved with one of our customized Thin Line Saddle Pads. 


  If you are considering purchasing a new or used saddle, we can evaluate the fit of that saddle while you have it on trial. 


  Or if you request, we can demonstrate how well the Specialized/TW Saddles patented 3-D fit system works for your horse.   If one of our saddles is purchased your next evaluation and fitting will be free.


  Or if you request, we have Peter Horobin dressage and jump saddles available for you and your horse to experience the comfort of the StrideFree adjustable tree.  If one of our saddles is purchased your next evaluation and fitting will be free.

  I would like to emphasize " if you request " because I know that there are saddles besides the ones I sell that work for you and your horse.  I won't tell you a saddle doesn't fit just to try and sell you a new one.  

So that we can give your horse the best possible service, we ask that you please;

  • check your emails after you submit your registration form, scheduling is done via email first come first serve
  • allow 2-3 hours for your saddle fit evaluation/consultation or fitting
  • don't schedule a lesson or any other appointments for your horse on the same day, he will likely be ridden several times during the evaluation
  • have your horse groomed & ready to measure & ride but let him wait in his stall until we are ready
  • be prepared to have the primary rider ride the horse in the primary saddle but please no riding before the evaluation (lunging a fresh horse is OK)
  • to get the most accurate measurements, practice having your horse stand still and square
  • bring your trainer, spouse, friend, family member or all the above, the more the merrier

  After we have measured you, your horse & your saddle (or saddles you have on trial) we will have you ride without a saddle pad, if possible.  Riding without the pad helps us to see exactly what your saddle is doing while you are riding.  Then, we will review your options:

1.  Your saddle fit is already very good & nothing needs to be done for 6-12 months.  Since horses change, it is recommended to have your saddle fit evaluated every 6-12 months.

2.  Your saddle fit can be improved with a Thin Line Shimmable saddle pad.

3.  Your saddle does not fit & nothing can be done.  

4.  You can try one of our adjustable saddles. 

5.  You can take the information & go shopping for another saddle from another source. 

6.  You can keep your saddle and buy a new horse to fit it. 


The evaluation fee at your barn within 150 miles

of Copperhead Lane in Crossville, TN is $149 per horse.  

$124 for your second, third & fourth horse.


Saddle fit evaluations at our farm on Copperhead Lane are $99 per horse

Fees for flocking, tree adjustments and custom saddle pads are depending on the time involved.

To schedule your saddle fit evaluation or to demo a Peter Horobin, Specialized or TW Saddle go to


Thank you for considering your horse's health and comfort.  I am looking forward to working with you.