DP Saddlery LP 

  Since DP Saddlery Flex-Fit and Ultra-Flex saddles adjust with the allen wrench that is included with each saddle, riders can easily adjust the saddle to continue to fit or to fit other horses.  

 If you buy a saddle that fits really well today and it cannot be adjusted, chances are you will be saddle shopping again soon.

  DP Saddlery saddles come in many different models.  Here are just a few examples: 

  The DP Saddlery Baroque & Quantum Saddles are built on the light weight Ultra-Flex Saddle tree which feature the adjustable gullet system.  Riders can easily change their own tree within fractions of an inch with an allen wrench while the saddle sits on the horse.  The Ultra-Flex tree is also slightly flexible for your horse's comfort but sturdy enough not to collapse underneath the rider's weight.  

  The DP Saddlery Flex-Fit Western Saddles are also built on semi-flexible carbon fiber tree with a fully adjustable fork so riders can adjust their own saddle's angle within a fraction of an inch.  

  Occasionally the right saddle is already in our inventory but, usually we need to order a saddle customized for you and your horse.  Saddle orders usually take between 3 and 6 months.  

  The DP Quantum Saddle comes in the following Seat Sizes S1-S4

S1=  15" western or 16.5" english

S2= 16" western or 17.5" english

S3= 17" western or 18.5" english

S4= 18" western or 19.5" english

  To try some of demo saddles on your horse, go to our online registration form.  The $169 fee covers your first appointment, the set up and delivery of your new saddle and the first refit for that horse in 3-6 months.