September 2012

What’s News & Happenings

The rider spots are almost full, actually there is 1 spot left at the
Level 3 Clinic - Saturday Oct. 13, 2012 9am-3pm

We always have room for more auditors. Bring a chair and something to take notes. Speaking of bringing a chair, tell all your friends to come bring a chair to our Annual Saddle Fit Lecture at Buck N Horse Hollow 6 Buck Dr. Carlisle PA on Sunday Nov. 4, 2012 at 1pm.

The lecture is about how a saddle is suppose to fit on the horse’s back without interfering with nerves, bones and ligaments to prevent painful and sometimes permanent damage. Any kind of saddle and any kind of horse can benefit from this information, please come and help me spread the word about proper saddle fit.

Best wishes and congratulations to Jani Boatwright. She is Nicholas’ new Mom. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation for him, all the things he loves to do and a nice little lady to spoil him.

Also, want to ask for continued prayer for comfort and healing for Kim Klinger and Michele Hoover. Not sure any of us know what God’s plan is in this case but we need to trust he has one and sometimes something bad has to happen to make room for something good.

Manure Management Plan in PA If you have any farm animals at all you need to have a manure management plan by October 2013. I admit some of the recommendations did sound a bit ridiculous at first however, I encourage everyone to be open minded the idea is a good one. Let’s see cleaner water for our horses and us to drink, our kids to play in and all those little creatures to live in, seems like a no brainer to me.
Locally, the Cumberland County Coservation District office can very easily guide towards completely the plan. (717) 240-5360

Fall and winter lessons move to Saturdays. After the clinics and hay season we have 1-2 Saturdays a month available for lessons. Next month it will be Oct. 27. FMI contact me at

At the clinic this past weekend, the riders learned to move their horse’s feet more preciously through a series of steps called the 12 steps created by Richard Shrake. On the ground the horse learns to move away from our hand in the same way that he will move away from our leg when we are in the saddle. The steps are a series of ¼ turns first with forward motion, then moving onto the harder steps where the horse moves laterally without forward motion. Each step builds on the previous.

The best part about the 12 steps is they can be done anywhere.  I did the 12 steps with Easy before his barrel runs to keep him quiet at the gate.  They can be done in the aisle way of the barn on cold days or the driveway if you don't have a ring.  They can be done when you unload at the trail head before you mount to settle an excited horse.  Lame horses can do 12 steps, so you can be training on your horse even while he is laid up.  It all counts and it works. 

The favorite link of the month is a clip from the past. Fancy's You Tube Video doing the 12 steps when she was a 3 year old.   

To print a copy of the 12 steps to take along to the barn, click on 12 steps.

This past week, several people have asked me questions like – what to you do if your horse rears, what do you do if your horse won’t stand at the mounting block, won’t load, ect. My answer is always the same “take care of the little things and there won’t be any big things.” In other words, train your horse, be in control of him at all times, do those 12 steps, insist that he stays out of your space EVERY time, not just sometimes, be consistent, as kind as possible but as firm as necessary and most of all don’t treat them like they have human personalities because they don’t!

If I sound a little harsh it is because apparently I need to be, people are getting hurt way too much, a lot of accidents can be avoided. I feel your good rides and I feel your bad and I hurt when you are hurting, not as much I am sure but my goal for all of you is to have a good fun safe time with your horses.

As always, thank you for reading the newsletter, the referrals and for allowing me to help you with your riding goals.

TTYS & God Bless