March 2023

  As always, I hope this enewsletter finds you & yours doing well.  I am sharing this picture from March 2015 because it came up in the memories file and it is one of my favorites.  Little Annie turned 8 years old last week.

  Also, last week Larry had his hip replaced.  He is feeling better each day and hopes to be outside getting into stuff soon.  The doctor has restricted him for 6 weeks from driving and 3 months from anything strengous, so my routine is a little bit different right now.

  Yesterday while I was waiting for Larry at physical therapy I got a call from a lady in New York.  She was having trouble with her saddle fit but didn't want to call her fitter back.  It makes me sad that she didn't want to call her fitter back, because it would be awful for me if one of my clients had a problem and didn't want to call me back.

  I can't blame her for not wanting to call, maybe she tried, maybe it was personal, maybe the fitter didn't want to be called, I am not really sure. I am the same way if a service doesn't suit me, I just don't go back.  I don't say anything.  I want warm and fuzzy.  I don't want drama or confortation. But, I just want you all to know that if I was the fitter, I would want to be called.

  I hate the survey emails asking how was my service, so I don't send them but maybe I should.  I would hate for someone to be unhappy and just go away.  Saddle fitting is an art and a science.  Even the best of fitters don't get it right the first time.  That is why all fittings have a 30 day warranty.  Clearly if there is a problem in less than 30 days, I didn't get it right.  All purchased saddles have a 10 day tiral period and after 10 and less than 30 can be returned for a restocking fee.  Even after that, I can trade in saddles and sell on consignment.  

  I am limiting new clients to 75 miles because when a saddle is purchased it's like we are married.  I will need to see you at least once a year to service that saddle.  The whole reason for purchasing an adjustable saddle is so it can be adjusted to continue to fit the horse.  I will not leave anyone I have worked with before, either in person or virtually.  

  Also, in the news that I want to share, Specialized & TW Saddlery is having a price increase on March 31.  So, if you were considering ordering that second saddle, now is the time.  The few used saddles that I have left will go fast now.

Next trip to Oak Mt Park      May 15-17, 2023

Next trip to Jessie's Run      May 3, 2023

  As always, thank you for reading and sharing the enewsletter.  I sincerely appreciate you helping me help the horses.  Please always let me know if there is a problem and if everything is good, share that too.  Happy spring everyone!  And God Bless!


Terry Peiper

Fit Right Saddle Solutions

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