March 2020

  We already know the bad news, I would rather focus one the good. 

  Our God is bigger than this virus.  I believe that a lot of God's blessings come wrapped up in problems.  I didn't say I liked it, but I know that sometimes something bad has to happen so something good can happen.   

  At least we are getting to ride our horses.  Normally at this time of the year, I am so busy working, my own horses don't get ridden.  Now, instead of scheduling days to ride, I am scheduling days off for Nic.  He is super fit right now from all the riding and the clinics we did before the travel restrictions.  Annie has gone on the longest ride of her life to give Nic a break.  Even Larry rode Doc for the first time in TN.

 I am also getting a lot of things done around the farm and I get to spend time with the Husband.  Both of those things make me happy, especially when the Husband is also getting things done.  This time last year Larry was still living and working in PA.  I am grateful that we are together.  This would have been really hard if we were still living in different time zones.

  We are healthy and doing everything we can to stay that way.  If there is an adjustment or anything I can help you with via phone, please don't hesitate to contact me.  We will do what we can temporarily and get you on the list for a fitting when the travel restrictions are lifted. 

  And we got to do our Expo in February.  With so many shows being cancelled, I am super grateful that we were able to have a successful Expo.  For me, a successful Expo is when I see people putting the pieces together and realizing that good saddle fit really does make a difference in our horse's lives.  If I can motivate just one person to go home and check their saddle fit or get it checked by a fitter, the Expo was a success.  

  For some riders, it was seeing the anatomy pictures of the saddle support area that helped them to understand how the saddle needs to fit so that the horse can be ridden and stay comfortable. 

  For some riders, it was realizing that a specific problem like bucking, lack of engagement, tripping, trouble going down hills, inconsistent gaits or not standing to be mounted could be the horse reacting to a poor fitting saddle. 

  And for some riders, it was the list of painful damage a poor fitting saddle can cause...  for the rest of that story click here

  I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy spring and remind you to focus on the good.  We will get through this.

TTYS & God Bless,

Terry Peiper

Fit Right Saddle Solutions

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