March 2015                                                                                       

  Happy Spring !    I am very excited to finally report that my TB  mare, Fancy gave birth to this little filly on March 17, at approximately 2 am. Mother and baby are perfectly fine.  She is absolutely beautiful and definitely living up to her name, Pistol Annie.   Although her sire, Wap's Millenium has a lot of Appaloosa markings, Annie has none.   
  Annie is accepting visitors 

Annie's Dad

 by appointment through her administrative assistant,  also known as Grandma. However, Grandma is going to be busy fitting saddles and spreading the word about how proper saddle fit affects our horses behavior, performance and ultimately the health of horse and rider; especially now that she will be working more directly with Saddlefit 4 Life teaching the Equine Ergonomist and Saddle Ergonomist courses. 

  Thank you so much to everyone that came out to the presentations at the PA Horse World Expo!  One lady told me that she drove 4 hours just for my saddle fit presentation.  I am touched that  she came to see me but I am even happier that she cares that much about her horse to drive 4 hours to learn how to keep her horse comfortable.  Wow!

   There are a few more lectures and special events listed on our SCHEDULE.    

 This past weekend, I was at a Richard Shrake clinic near Quarkertown PA.  I have been a huge fan of his "Resistance Free Training" for many years because the program is horse and rider friendly.  His methods are simply the basics, classical training presented in a user friendly format that applies to any rider of any discipline at any level.   He is coming back to the area in July for a 4 day clinic and back to Quakertown again in the fall for a 2 day clinic.  If you haven't had a chance to ride with Richard, I highly recommend it.

 NOTE   The latest issue of the USDF Connection magazine has an article, The Latest Saddle-Fit Research by Hilary M Clayton stating that "each horse owner needs to learn to perform a basic saddle fit evaluation on her own horse to recognize the signs that indicate the need to bring in a professional fitter" since the horse's condition and saddle fit can change often.  I'm on it!  I would be happy to do a saddle fit presentation for your barn, club, students or any group demonstrating how to check your own saddle fit.   


 NOTE  I recommend a professional saddle fit evaluation  every 6 months because changes occur gradually and can often times go unnoticed. 

 Lately I have added a few new used saddles on consignment I  listed on our USED page for those that may be looking at used Schleese saddles.  Also,  I have a few thoughts about used Schleese saddles on the website, that may help in your search.  click here

 TW Saddlery Barrel, Wade and Trail Saddles are also available for  our western riding friends.    They are made by Specialized Saddles,  who are especially  known for their endurance saddles that are light weight and adjustable to keep the endurance horse comfortable and competing. 

TW Wade

 As always, thank you for  reading our eNewsletter, for all the referrals and doing all that you do to help me, help the horses.  I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you and wish everyone a very happy spring !!

TTYS & God Bless !


Terry Peiper
Fit Right Saddle Solutions

Buck N Horse Hollow
6 Buck Dr.
Carlisle PA 17015
(717) 609-2822

​Past  eNewsletters

  Terry Peiper has been "Helping Horses With Their People" in south central PA for over 30 years by training horses and riders.  In addition to being an accredited Richard Shrake Resistance Free ® Trainer/Instructor, she is certified by the American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA) and the International Society of Rider Biomechanics. She has more than 45 years horse showing experience in several different disciplines, as well as several years of fox hunting and open show judging experience. You could say she has been there and done that.

  Studying saddle ergonomics started out as just another way for Terry to help her students however, it quickly took over her life when she discovered that her own horse, Easy had a condition called kissing spine which was likely caused by many years of riding in poor fitting saddles. “I can’t go back and undo what I have done but I can spread the word about proper saddle fit to prevent other horses from needless suffering” says Terry.

  Recognizing the huge need for proper saddle fit, Terry joined the Saddlefit 4 Life professionals and started the FIT RIGHT SADDLE SOLUTIONS. She passionately pursues her mission to educate as many riders as possible of the importance of proper saddle fit, how it affects the horse’s performance, behavior and ultimately the health of horse and rider.   

  For riders searching for solutions, she proudly offers Thin Line shimmable saddle pads, Schleese dressage and hunt seat saddles and Specialized endurance, trail and western saddles.   All the saddles can be adapted to fit the horse as it develops or fitted to another horse by changing the tree width, angle and horizontal panel contact.  Terry recommends saddle fit evaluations every 6 months. 

  Saddle fit evaluations/consultations, lectures, adjustable saddle sales/service and riding lessons are available at Buck N Horse Hollow in Carlisle PA or within a 120 mile radius (south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland areas)