January 2022

Happy New Year Everyone!

As always, I hope this enewsletter finds you and yours doing well.  And I hope you had an awesome holiday season. For us, December was full of visiting with our wonderful friends and family here and back in PA.  

January is about revaluating goals, planning and scheduling.  As always my #1 goal is still "spreading the word about proper saddle fit and how it affects our horse's behavior, performance and ultimately the health of horse and rider."  So, I am planning on having 3 classes this year at our farm in Crossville and hopefully more at other locations.  I have 2 scheduled so far.

Saturday April 9, 2022 and Saturday July 16, 2022    Class Registration

The Saddle Fit Classes are for riders, trainers, body workers and everyone that puts a saddle on a horse. They are for everyone that wants to gain a better understanding of how a saddle needs to fit to prevent painful damage to the horse.

Participants will bring saddles but no horses (we have plenty).  This is strictly an educational and interactive class to help riders recognize good and bad saddle fit.  This class is not a sales presentation or a fitting clinic.   The morning consists of 3 presentations/discussions 

  • Is Your Saddle Helping or Hurting? 
  • Equine Anatomy Relative to Saddle Fit 
  • How the Saddle Needs to Fit

The afternoon session is hands on horses and saddles in the barn evaluating static saddle fit.   The more saddles participants bring the more we learn.  By the end of the day everyone will know what fits, what doesn't fit and why.

FMI Saddle Fit Classes

My #2 goal is to ride and show my horse. This is a long term goal that started back in 2013 when I realized that I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by trying to change my barrel horses into dressage horses.  Easy gave me his best and I will always cherish him as the favorite. Nicholas gave me his all too but unlike Easy who was truly easy to be around, Nicholas was a little challenging and doing dressage was a challenge for him.  So, we had this idea to create the horse I wanted.  The goal was a TB/Appaloosa gelding that would be an athletic and willing to please.  I have had good luck with this cross in the past and my other 2 favorites were TB/APP crosses so it seemed like a good idea.   So, we bred my beautiful TB mare to a proven Appaloosa sire.  The foal was not a colt and she was far from willing to please.  However, with the help of some great instructors, Annie and I are starting to connect and it is time for some shows.  Although, since I moved to TN I have discovered working equitation which is 100 times more fun then just dressage. 

I love working equitation because the foundation is classical dressage training.  Classical training means we are building the horse up physically and mentally so that they stay happy and healthy for a long time.  It is not like the dressage you see on the Olympics.  WE riders come from many different disciplines at many different levels.  Yes, we do have a dressage test but we also have ease of handling (obstacles) speed (on obstacles) and cow work.  It is fun but it is also very challenging.  

FMI about WE in TN and USAWE.org

My other goals include my Husband, family, church and continued good health.  So, moving forward to ensure that I can be available in a timely manner for all my existing customers, I am limiting new clients to barns I already travel to or within 75 miles of Crossville.  I sincerely appreciate all the referrals, we just need to get them to meet me at your place, one of the stables or campgrounds or come here to our farm in Crossville.  

Christ Saddle Pads

Some other changes that were not apart of my goals or plans; Christ had a price increase. 

  • Christ endurance champ saddle pad will be $239 (backorder until March)
  • Christ full sheepskin endurance special pads are in stock $229 until the old ones are gone. 
  • Christ full sheepskin endurance special pad will be $319 when the new shipment comes in March. 

Christ Sheepskin Girths

The Christ sheepskin girths will be $179.   However, I still have some from before so I am keeping them at that price until March too.

One last change; the fuel, bank fees and the shipping costs are also increasing for me.  My thought is that I would rather give you the money than the bank so from now on anyone that buys a saddle without using a credit card gets free shipping.   The banks make enough money.

Thank you for reading and sharing the enewsletter.  I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you.   The referrals are truly the kindest compliment.  Thank you and thank you for helping me help the horses.

TTYS, God Bless

Terry Peiper, Fit Right Saddle Solutions

"Spreading the word about proper saddle fit and how it affects our horse's behavior, performance and ultimately the health of horse and rider."