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I have been sharing the videos I took at the horse dissection clinic a lot lately. So much damage and needless suffering can be prevented. Please share this information with your horse loving friends. DAMAGED CAUSED BY SADDLES

Sadly, the news in our country is not good. This election is going to be a big one. Instead of voting for a candidate, most are voting against the one they like the least. The candidates leave the voters a lot to be desired but, it is what it is.

I really don't know much about politics but, I do know what I like in horses.

If I had to choose between a tough stubborn arrogant horse or a dishonest one, I know for sure I would go with the tough one. You know exactly what to expect. Every day he will come out and try to push you around. Every day you will need to reestablish yourself as the leader of the herd. He will always be that way. He will make you step up and work a little harder but you can depend on him for the long haul because he is tough. You won't know when he is hurt because he will push through. He will get the job done, he'll make you a better horseman and a stronger person, but it won't be all warm and fuzzy.

The dishonest horse will have her own agenda. She will be the one that trains her owner into believing she can't be ridden. There will always be a problem. She will need chiropractic, massage, supplements, injections, special shoes, a special expensive diet and she probably still won't be a good performance horse because she doesn't have the heart to work for you. If you don't give up on her, she might even hurt you.

Thankfully God has blessed us with a lot of wonderful horses for our pleasure. Whether you are competing at the Olympics, Rodeo or riding on the trail all horses deserve to be treated fairly, have the proper conditioning for their intended purpose and of course, a saddle that doesn't cause pain or damage.

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