April 2016

  Spring has sprung and like you, I want to be outside.   So, this month in recognition of Easy's 22nd birthday and the reason I started Fit Right Saddle Solutions, I am sharing some of the past stories about Easy.

  Those of you  that have heard these stories before can skip right over them, maybe forward to a friend and then go ride.  But, if you haven't heard Easy's story, please read and share. Warming, we don't know what we don't know.   If we can prevent just 1 horse from needless suffering due to saddle fit today, it will be a good day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EASY                  EASY DOES IT       

  Kate Keeney has invited us to do a lecture and a day of fittings (2 days if needed) at the beautiful Diamond 7 Arena in Dillsburg PA.  This will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about any type of saddle fit and what to look for on your own horses/saddles.  Or sign up to have your own saddle evaluated with Kate at Diamond7Arena@gmail.com 

Happy Spring!!
Fit Right Saddle Solutions