Shimming the Specialized Seats

One of the great features of the Specialized Light Series Saddles is the removable seat.  It allows riders to easily change the color of their seat or the texture.  Since the seat is held mostly with velcro instead of stitching it also molds to each rider's seat individually.  For riders that want extra padding or a narrower twist, it can be easily opened up to insert shims.

All the Specialized Light Series Saddles have the removable seat.  Ultralight, Eurolight, Aussie Light, Trail Light.   The Western Dressage Light pictured above without seat shims was designed so that the seat had extra padding under the rider's thigh and opens for shimming.  The seat can not be completely removed like the other models because it has a beautiful cheyenne cantle.

To open the seat remove the 2 front screws that hold the seat.

Carefully pull back the seat holding the velcro down on the saddle.  

Cover the velcro with a piece of plastic or saran wrap so that you can adjust the shims with much less struggle.

This is just a piece of foam with velcro glued on.  Again I am not using the velcro until I have ridden several times so it easier to move around.  We have also used Thin Line shims, felt shims and cut up yoga mats.  Riders are very innovative.

In this picture I used to 1/4" shims on top of each other.

In this picture I used to 1/2" shims with a little flat shim on top.  So far I think my favorite is the 2 1/2 inch shims.  Next just lay the seat back down and go ride.  We usually start with more shims and then while we are riding, we pull a couple out.  

This picture is the saddle again with the 3 shims.  By building up the middle of the seat we are creating a place for the rider's thighs/narrower twist.  The fleece seats and buffalo seats are the best for hiding the shims.